Caspar Justin Matthew Rose

artist, writer + adventurer



Something So Trivial


But I'm still here,

Like a fly,

I'll still be here,


But not sure,


Recipe for disaster,


A young child's dream,

Of happy things,

Daisy's in the sun,

The man on the moon,

Written by a child,

This poem,

Like that,


Everything is simple,

But still slight,

There's no such thing as hard,

Always imagination,

Do what you dream,

Never get pulled down,

It's like a moment,

No beginning, no end,



Like pie crust,

Meant to be broken,

One promise too many,

Leads to heartache,

No one knows when it happens,

It just does,


Pretty things,

Ugly things,

Just the same,

Don't judge me for this,

We are all one in the same,


No torture,

No torment,

No lies,

No deceit,

No anger,

No hate,

My imagination,

Running away with me.




Don't Want To Lose You [Early Draft]