Caspar Justin Matthew Rose

artist, writer + adventurer



Decaying Root (I Was Murdered) [Ver. 02]


I was murdered,

Put into a hole,

However short,

However dull,

I find that I’m now savouring the afterlife,


I couldn’t fight,

Nor could I grin,

For every mistake,

For every sin,

I find I’m now savouring the best of them,


Under a stump,

A decaying root,

A solo shell,

The poisoned brute,

I find I’m no longer forgiving,


With a dulled smile,

A chiselled sculpture,

My head torn from my shoulder,

I couldn’t see,

Before I knew,

It had happened to me,


Now in the afterlife,

I fight anew,

What more can I do?

For it’s a sin,

This world I’m in,

Will I ever get to live again?

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That I Did, I Did For...

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