Caspar Justin Matthew Rose

artist, writer + adventurer



Arriving Too Late


It all seems damaged, 

A love like this, 

I've never felt such bliss, 


Only one thing comes to mind, 

Now I feel alone, 


It's confusing, 

My words, 

Only this, 


I only see the world, 

I only see what my eyes are prepared to see, 

I only see, 

Now I'm grounded, 

I see more, 


You think I'm happy now? 

I'm topped up by the tears, 

So what, 

All you can say to me, 

What if I left your side, 

What if I said goodbye, 


You can't break images, 

You can't touch me, 


I only try to get by... 

I only see more, 


Alive your mine, 

Dead your gone, 

Having no doubt, 

You're gone, 

And I'm arriving too late, 


Bringing harm to myself, 

I feel your pain, 

I see death, 

I see possible health, 

I believe you now.