Caspar Justin Matthew Rose

artist, writer + adventurer



Fragile - Limbo

Watching the sky,

Watching me,


I can see a rainbow,


It wants me,

The ghost behind the rainbow,

He yells bloody murder,

He feels my fear,

I feel him near,

The ghost behind the rainbow,


I tried to kill his pain,

But brought him more,


I'm lost in fantasia,

He kills my fear,

My laughter,

My anguish,

I'm lost in fantasia,

I'm gone,


He wants his love,

He wants to return,

He wants the world above,

He wants him bad,

He wants life,

He can't,

He's in limbo,

So sad,

Sad story,

So sad,


It's hunger,

His cry,

He only wants more,

I can't hear nor see,

He's like paper flowers,

Paper dreams,

Here today, gone tomorrow,

Uninvited, he brings his limbo,


He wants to go home,

He wants to return,

He lays doomed,

So sad,

Everyday is pain,

No one feels the shame,

You can't hear his screaming,

He can't dream,


Give him peace,

So sad you can't see,

He only wants peace,

Give him peace.



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